5 Days Deep Sleep Bootcamp Workshop

Conquer your sleep and conquer your life

Language: English

Instructors: Ignatius Raphael



Why this course?


Do you feel overwhelmed and tired every day?

Is coffee the only thing that can help you get through the day?

If the answer you gave is yes, you are either 

  • not getting enough hours of sleep or 
  • not sleeping at the right time, or
  • not experiencing the right sleep quality, isn’t it?

How would it be if you could wake up every morning, feeling refreshed, energised and ready to take on the world?

Won’t it be awesome if you could experience a fully productive and happy day, every single day?

This is very much possible!

We at Deep Sleep Academy have been helping 1000s of people to take charge of their life using the Deep Sleep Formula where they have learned to sleep by 10 pm and wake up by 5 am, without an alarm, and without having to struggle alone through the night.

Our 5-Day Deep Sleep Bootcamp helps people like you to discover how you can sleep naturally at the right time, for the right duration and with full satisfaction.

You don’t need coffee, chemicals and other substances to get you through the day, once you have installed the Deep Sleep Formula in your life.

I am Ignatius Raphael, the Deep Sleep and Longevity Coach and my life mission is to run a full marathon at the age of 100 and build a tribe of like-minded active people who want to lead a full life without chemicals. 

We all deserve to live a long, healthy, productive, energetic and a happy life. 

If you believe this, and are willing to take action to manifest it, we can help you learn how to do it.

In the Deep Sleep Bootcamp you will learn the Deep Sleep Formula and how to install it in just 5 days.

Day 1

You will learn WHY the “Deep Sleep Formula” is so important for you to achieve your life dreams and how you can conquer your life by conquering your sleep 

Welcome & Introduction

Why this course?

Who will you become because of this course

What can you expect in this course

Why "sleep before 10 pm and wake up before 5 am"?

How to "Sleep by 10 pm and wake up by 5 am'?

Share your intention statement

Deep Sleep Warrior’s Oath

Day 2:

You will learn How to Create a PNR (Personalised Night Routine) FOR YOU to attract your natural healthy sleep without having to depend on pills and chemicals

Deep Sleep Formula Concepts

Milestone 1:

How disturbed is your

Deep Sleep Patterns

Milestone 2:

How to fix your disturbed Deep Sleep Patterns

Milestone 3:

How to go from a Disturbed Sleep Victim to a Deep Sleep Warrior using the Deep Sleep Formula


You will learn How to Create a PMR (Personalised Morning Routine) FOR YOU that can power your dreams to manifestation and help you to conquer your day

Deep Sleep Warrior Consciousness

Milestone 1:

How to find your ideal Deep Sleep Routine

Milestone 2:

How to install the Deep Sleep Routine

Milestone 3:

How to create a conscious relaxed deep sleep pattern and slay your internal demons

Thought for the day

    - Who are you?


You will learn how to install the habits that can guarantee you success in your life endeavors without struggling endlessly.

Deep Sleep Warrior Mindset Creation

Milestone 1:

How to find your inner strength and potential using the Deep Sleep Formula

Milestone 2:

How to actualise your potential to serve you and the Universe

Milestone 3:

How to attract Health, Wealth and Happiness into your life using the Deep Sleep Warrior mindset



You will learn How to build the momentum that can take you to your life dreams?

You can stop being a victim and transform yourself into a victor of your sleep 

Program Feedback

Way forward presentation

Summarise learnings

Key practices

Scaling up

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Course Curriculum

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